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NEC ViewLight NP-P605ULJL replacement projection lens

NEC ViewLight NP-P605ULJL replacement projection lens
Throw ratio: 0.36:1 0.5:1 0.62:1 0.65:1 0.73:1
Support NEC projection model: NP-P605ULJL NP-P525ULJL NP-P525WLJL
Support NEC ViewLight projection model: NP-P605ULJL NP-P525ULJL NP-P525WLJL

Model*5 NP-P605UL+ Projection mode 0.64 inch LCDX3 with micro mirror array (display aspect ratio 16:10) Resolution*1 1920×1200 pixels (WUXGA) Lens Manual zoom and manual focus, zoom ratio = 1.6, F1.5-2.1, f = 17.2-27.6 mm Lens shift Horizontal: ±29%, vertical: 0%-+60% Throw ratio 1.2-2.0 Light source Laser diode Light source life 20000 hours Brightness*2*3 6200 lumens Contrast (full white: full black) 600000:1 Image size (diagonal) 30–300 inches Throw distance (minimum-maximum) 0.8-12.9 meters Input 1 RGB/combination (D-Sub 15 pin), 2 HDMI Type A supporting HDCP (19P, HDMI® connector), 1 HDBaseT/Ethernet (RJ-45), 1 stereo mini audio Output 1 stereo mini audio Control port 1 control serial port slot (D-Sub 9-pin) Wired LAN port slot 1 RJ-45 port slot (100BASE-TX) Wireless LAN port slot (optional) 1 USB-A type (requires optional USB wireless LAN component) USB port slot 1 type A (5.V/2.0A power supply), 1 type B (for maintenance) Compatible signal*4 Analog: VGA/SVGA/XGA/WXGA/Quad-VGA/SXGA/SXGA+/WXGA+/WXGA++/UXGA/SWXGA+/HD/Full HD/WUXGA/Mac13 inches, 16 inches, 19 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches Combination: 489i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p HDMI:VGA/SVGA/XGA/WXGA/Quad-VGA/SXGA/SXGA+/WXGA+/WXGA++/WSXGA+/WUXGA/4K/ 480p/480i/576p/576i/720p/1080i/1080p Color reproduction 10-bit signal processing (1.07 billion colors) Scanning rate Horizontal analog: 15 kHz to 100 kHz (for RGB input, 24 kHz or higher), in line with VESA standards Numbers: 15 kHz, 24 to 153 kHz, in line with VESA standards Vertical analog: 48 Hz, 50 to 85 Hz, 100, 120 Hz, in line with VESA standards Numbers: 24, 25, 30, 48 Hz, 50 to 85 Hz, 100, 120 Hz, in line with VESA standards Built-in speaker 20 watts (mono) Power requirements 200-240 volts, 50/60 Hz AC Input current 2.7A Power Standard mode 357 watts Standby (power saving) 0.5W Installation orientation Desktop/front projection, desktop/rear projection, ceiling/front projection, ceiling/rear projection Dimensions 480 mm (width) × 122 mm (height) × 407 mm (depth) (excluding protruding parts) Weight 9.7 kg Environmental design Operating environment Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C, (energy-saving mode is automatically turned on from 35°C to 40°C), 20% to 80% humidity (no condensation) Storage environment Storage temperature: -10℃ to 50℃, 20% to 80% humidity (no condensation) Comply with rules CCC certification, comply with GB4943; GB9254; GB17625.1 *1 Effective pixels exceed 99.99%. *2 This is the brightness value (lumens) when the [Preset] mode is set to [Standard]. If you select any other mode as the [Preset] mode, the brightness value will drop slightly. *3 Center brightness *4 Images with a resolution higher or lower than the projector’s native resolution (P605UL+: 1920X1200) will be displayed using Advanced AccuBlend (intelligent compression) technology. *5 Example: P605UL+ and NP-P605UL+ are the same model -These specifications and product designs are subject to change without notice.


   Projection ratio: distance from lens to picture divided by picture width


   9 brightness uniformity: 9 points average brightness divided by the highest brightness


   Light attenuation ratio of uniform brightness at 9 points of the standard mirror: average brightness at 9 points of the lens divided by average brightness at 9 points of the standard mirro

LE DU Lens Unit User’s Manual
(镜头部件 用户手册)
Do not give a shock or excessive load to the projector or the lens components as the projector and lens components contain precision parts.
When shipping the projector with the lens,remove the lens before shipping the projector. The lens and the lens shift mechanism may encounter damage caused byimproper handling during transportation.
Before removing or installing the lens, be sure to turn off the projecttor, wait until the cooling fans stop, andunplug the power cord.
Do not touch the lens surface when removing or installing the lens.
Keep fingerpeints, dust or oil off the lens surface. Do not scratching.
Work on a level surface with a soft cloth under it toavoid scratching.
When using the lens unit, set the lens shift adjustment to the center of the screen.
Adjustment to the lens shift adjustment to the position other than the above can cause the edges of the image to become dark or can cause some shadows.





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