LD projection lenses LEDU乐都投影镜头

Sony laser LCD professional projector with interchangeable lens
Puson laser LCD project investment, projector conversion short-focus lens throw ratio range 0.6-0.8: 1
LD panoramic playback system
Modified short throw projector
company's product
LD panoramic playback system It is a brand-new playback system that has the advantages of strong immersion, rapid deployment, simple maintenance, and no need to reproduce digital content. It can be well used in driving, VR display, astronomy teachi
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Judgment and treatment of the problem of out-of-focus projection lens in splicing and fusion of projector
Apr . 25 . 2021
In more and more exhibition projects, when multiple projectors are spliced and merged, the situation of merging and running, the picture is out of focus.
      We share common problems with you.
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Basic knowledge of projector lens
Oct . 16 . 2020
Projection lenses generally refer to replaceable engineering projection lenses used on professional projectors.

Generally, consumers are divided into the size requirements of the projector installation distance and the size of the playback screen

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Ledu Optoelectronics participated in the Asian Digital Exhibition Exhibition
Jul . 16 . 2020
Ledu Optoelectronics participated in the Asian Digital Exhibition Exhibition
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How to choose the projector for 2020 multimedia project? How to get the order?
Mar . 26 . 2020
Why do you price projection equipment more expensive than others?

Why are others cheaper than you in the end and better than you in the end?
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