Panasonic projection lenses

Panasonic PT-RZ690U,PT-RZ790U, Laser Projector lens Zoom 1.2-2.0:1

Key Features
All optical glass lens
Clear images That are compatible for 1DLP 0.67'' projector
Applied in classrooms, meeting rooms and other indoor display rooms.
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Product Specifications

1920*1200(16:10)  Lens Centered
LEDU Short throw fixed manual lens
Manual Zoom Lens
Lens throw ratio
1DLP 0.67''
Supported Resolution
Supported Brightness
20,000 lumens
9-Point Uniform Brightness
Optical Componet
Optical glass and Japanese Aspheric Surface
9-Point Uniform Brightness Loss Ratio Compared to Original Lens
Star Contact 
Screen size (diagonal)
2.07-12.92 m (80–300 in), 16:10 aspect ratio
(W x H x D)
81 mm x 81 mm x 146 mm
Single Gross Weight
0.83 KG
Package type
Warranty (Year)
One Year
Screen size (diagonal)  
For reference
 Inch    H(mm)    V(mm)  a(mm)
 H: Width of projection screen 
 V: Height of projection screen
 A: Distance between projector   and projection screen 
80 1723 1076 2068 3446
100 2154 1346 2585 4308
150 3231 2019 3877 6462
200 4308 2692 5170 8616
250 5385 3365 6462 10770
300 6462 4038 7754 12924


Compatibility:  Panasonic PT-RZ690U, PT-RZ790, PT-RZ890U, PT-RCQ10U  , PT-RCQ80U , PT-RZ120U


Matters Needing Attention

1. Because the projector and lens parts contain precision parts, please do not vibrate or overload the projector or lens parts violently.
2. When transporting a projector with a lens, the lens needs to be removed before transportation. Improper handling during transportation may damage the lens and lens displacement system.
3. Before removing or installing the lens, be sure to turn off the projector, wait until the cooling fan stops, and unplug the power cord.
4. Please do not touch the lens surface when removing or installing the lens.
5. To prevent fingerprints, dust or oil from adhering to the lens surface, please do not scratch the lens surface.
6. When using the lens part, set the lens displacement to the center of the screen.
7. Adjusting the lens displacement to a position other than the center position may make the edge of the image dim or cause black shadows. Please adjust the displacement to avoid black shadows.



Lens Images




Compatible Panasonic Projector Model Reference


Panasonic PT-RZ690U, PT-RZ790, PT-RZ890U


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Packaging & Shipping



We all use corrugated boxes or explosion-proof flight boxes tailored for the lens. Two layers of pearl bubble film are placed in the lens box to absorb shocks, better protect the lens, and avoid bumps during transportation, ensuring that each of our customers received the lens in perfect condition.


LD Waerhouse & Dust-free Workshop



1.Who are we?

►A third-party projector lenses manufacture, since 2012. Based in Beijing, China.
►Our offices: 
China : Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
USA : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


2.What we do?

►Provide third-party projector lenses solutions. Support OEM and ODM.

►Specialize in projector lenses:
1)Throw ratio ranges from 0.3:1 to 9.0:1
2)Medium and short throw lenses widely used in Exhibition, Education, Enterprise, Entertainment,etc.
3)Telephoto lenses (Long throw lenses) used in tourism, theme park, building, etc .
4)Fish-eye lenses: Dome Planetarium, Dome Cinema,etc.


3.Why choose us?

Hard power

►10-year experienced projector lenses manufacture.
►11-50 staff, 1/3 Product Research Talents.
►Received ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018. Own Independent Intellectual Property.
►Our lenses especially short-throw lenses, well received and praised in North America, Europe and South Asia markets.



►All optical glass lens, Help you achieve High-definition image.
►Cover from ultra short throw to telephoto lenses, more throw ratio to choose than originals.
►Launch new products every 2-3 months, according to the market trend.
►Compatible for global more than 15 projector brands.
(If you have other special projector brands and are looking for projection lenses, pls consult us directly.)

►Dust-free workshop production, strictly control the quality of the lens.

►Tested on projectors to ensure the every lens projection effect, before put on the market.




►Pre-sale. Compatible lenses recommendation and its parameter sharing and consultation.
►In sale. Remote online technical support for lens installation and debugging.
►After sale. Lenses use feedback follow-up, latest products sharing.



►Supported Payments Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union and others negotiated.
►Supported Payment Currency: RMB, USD, and others negotiated.
►Supported Delivery Terms: SF Express, DHL, Fedex and others negotiated.


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