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Epson CB-510U replacement lens

Epson CB-510U replacement lens
Throw ratio: 0.5:1 0.65:1 0.7:1 0.8:1
Support Epson (epson) model: CB-L610 CB-L610W CB-L610U CB-L510U
Epson CB-510U replacement lens

  • Size: 0.67 inches (D10, C2fine)
    Drive mode: polysilicon TFT active matrix
    Number of pixels: 2,304,000 dots (1920 x 1200) x 3
    Actual resolution: WUXGA
    Aspect ratio: 16:10
    Refresh rate: 193Hz-240Hz
    Type: optical zoom (manual) / focus (manual)
    F-value: 1.5-1.7
    Focal length: 20.0mm-31.8mm
    Zoom ratio: 1-1.6
    Lens shift: Vertical: -50% to +50% (centered horizontally) Horizontal: -20% to +20% (centered vertically) (manual)
    light source
    Type: Laser Diode
    LD input power: 205W (lighting mode: standard, ambient temperature: 25℃)
    Light source life* 1:20,000 hours (light mode: standard / quiet) 30,000 hours (lamp mode: extended)


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