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Judgment and treatment of the problem of out-of-focus projection lens in splicing and fusion of projector

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Author : 周巍衡
Update time : 2021-04-25 16:33:06
In the splicing and fusion of the projector, the problem of the virtual focus of the projection lens is out of focus, judge and deal with the situation.
The problem encountered today is a disc screen made by the customer, three sets of 7000 lumens laser speculation and Beijing Ledu LD-A15G0.6:1 short focus lens. Play the entire disc and play the image.

Because the construction period was anxious for the cross-construction of multimedia and decoration, the construction period was rushed (note that there are hidden dangers). After the inspection, the customer began to go through the acceptance process and found that the disc screen had a fusion and misalignment problem.

Pay attention to the origin of the fusion debugging at the top of the picture. The picture appears to be out of focus by 4 pixels when it is turned on for 2 hours, and the fusion lines cannot be overlapped.

The construction party and the machine trader couldn't solve it, so they added us to the group and started investigating the reasons and solutions.
1. Projector: This 7000 lumens laser projector belongs to the mainstream model in the market. The sales volume is huge. I have never heard of the automatic running focus of the displacement bayonet of the machine (exclude first)
2. Hanger: The projection hangers in this construction are all customized two-point fixed hangers, and the connecting parts have been welded down, so theoretically they will not move again (exclude first)
3. Projection lens: Beijing Ledu LD-A15G0.6:1 short-focus lens, which belongs to Ledu imported fist products, all-glass lens, long-term use on a 12000 lumens projector will not cause the problem of out-of-focus and virtual focus. )
4. Fusion: Fusion software belongs to a very mainstream and stable brand in the domestic market. I have never heard of a situation where fusion cannot be saved (exclude first)
5. Disc screen: This screen is custom-made for woodworking, with a lot of fixed points, and the surface is made of hard material. This will not happen (exclude first)
6. Transmitter: The image of the transmitter is stable without jitter, and the resolution is correct. (Exclude first)
Common problems are eliminated one by one, and only external problems can be found.

The out-of-focus and virtual focus of the picture are generally caused by high temperature. If this problem occurs with this lens of LD-A15G0.6:1, first find out how the temperature has accumulated.

I found the reason. I decorated the outside of the projector and wrapped the projector inside, because the projector is left and right to dissipate heat, and the decoration has a little vent on the left and right. Like a hot air conditioner, the projector accumulates a large amount of heat in a small space, raising the thermal barrier of the projector, lens, hanger, and shrinking all items. Eventually it will cause the projector to alarm and shut down.
Nowadays, the heat dissipation of laser projectors is much stronger than that of previous bulb machines, and it needs enough air intake to support. First remove the decorative shapes on the outside of the projector, and then try debugging and fusion.
Note: You need to wait for the equipment to cool completely when you just disassemble the shape. If it is not completely cooled, it will still run because of the thermal expansion and contraction of the various components.

After waiting 2 hours. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

On-site debugging and fusion, after 40 minutes of baking machine, it was found that another projection screen was out of focus.

Check the projector time and found that they all worked for about 150 hours.

Let the on-site technical check the filter and found a lot of dust on the filter. This is the disadvantage of cross construction with decoration.

Remove the dust on the filter, re-commissioning after integration. Everything is normal on the screen, allowing the customer to modify the shape.

In order to avoid problems in the later period, we recommend that customers turn on the plateau mode for the projector to enhance the projector's heat dissipation.

Projector high-altitude mode: When we get to the plateau, the normal breathing rate cannot provide enough oxygen due to the thin air, so we have to speed up the breathing hythm to maintain this balance. The same is true for the projector. When the air is thin, the fan speed is still the normal value, so the actual heat dissipation is lower than the required heat dissipation, so the heat starts to accumulate and eventually the projector automatically shuts down.

Therefore, the high-altitude mode is suitable for use in high-altitude areas. The air in high-altitude areas is thinner than plains and is mainly designed for heat dissipation.

Successfully deal with customer problems, thank you for choosing Ledu products.
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